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What battery health will my AirPods have?

One of the first things we test for in each device is battery life. We make sure all of our AirPods have a proficient battery health before shipping them out.

How To Update Your AirPods

How to Update Your AirPods or AirPods Pro Insert your ‌AirPods‌ in their case if they aren't already. Connect the ‌AirPods‌ charging case to a power source using the included Lightning to USB cable, or alternatively if you have a Wireless Charging C

Whats included with the AirPods

Each device ships with: - Original accessories - 12-month warranty

What is the difference in each AirPods Condition?

Like New This condition AirPods will look and feel brand new. Like new AirPods will have no noticeable scratches on the display or frame and will function like a new device. All our devices are 100% tested to be functionally good-as-new. Good

Were My AirPods Repaired Before?

Were My AirPods Repaired Before?      We process hundreds of AirPods per day, during this phase we perform functionality tests on every AirPods and when the devices do not pass the functionality test, they will not make it to market. We set a high

Why should I get AirPods from plug?

Price: With a refurbished device, you are getting the best bang for your buck!  From our Like New condition to our Eco-friendly, all of our devices are fully functional and look incredible.  The only difference between them and AirPods from Apple

What is the difference between certified preowned AirPods and New?

Certified pre-owned phones are lightly used, thoroughly inspected by a professional team (and repaired if necessary), and then you're covered by our free 1 year warranty as well.   New AirPods are never used and have the chance of not being test